Iron/Fall out Removal

Iron/Fallout removal is one of the steps to the full decontamination process in auto detailing. This type of contamination occurs from rail dust, brake dust and other similar dust settling on your vehicle. This contamination interferes with bonding of your protection, such as wax, sealant & coatings, to the paint and lead to its premature failure. On lighter color vehicles it can appear as rust spots, which are not from your vehicle’s body rusting but from these contaminants rusting.
To remove these contaminants a dedicated Iron/Fallout remover can be used. The best application process is to wash your vehicle and spray the remover on all the painted surfaces. Let it dwell about 2-5 minutes depending of the weather conditions. You may notice the color changing to purple depending on the color your vehicle’s paint. Then thoroughly rinse off the remover. Now your vehicle’s paint is contaminant free and ready for you to apply some protection to it.
Some precautions to consider are as follows:

  1. Do not let it dry on any surface.
  2. Be careful applying it in direct sunlight and avoid if possible.
  3. This process could remove the protection applied before, so consider reapplying it.
  4. If applied on a wet vehicle you are diluting the remover and it may alter its strength.

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