Paint decontamination using natural clay, synthetic clay, fallout or iron remover, bug and tar remover, tree sap.

Iron/Fall out Removal

Iron/Fallout removal is one of the steps to the full decontamination process in auto detailing. This type of contamination occurs from rail dust, brake dust and other similar dust settling on your vehicle. This contamination interferes with bonding of your protection, such as wax, sealant & coatings, to the paint and lead to its premature …

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Decon: Clay

Claying the vehicle’s painted surfaces is traditionally used to remove embedded and bonded contamination. Traditional clay and Synthetic clay are two types of clay used. To test if the surface needs claying use a “baddy test”. A “baggy test” is done by taking a ziplock type plastic bag and placing your hand inside it, then …

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