SONAX Spray & Seal application

I have been testing SONAX  Spray & Seal for some time and here are some my observations:

  1. It lasts up to 3 months (in my care).
  2. It beads more than it sheets compared to other spray and seal products.
  3. It was also attracting dust similar to a wax but not as bad.
  4. I was able to strip it completely with a full strength APC.
  5. It definitely adds gloss to the surface.
  6. It smells like toothache liquid…lol.

Here is a quick demo:


  • Wash the vehicle thoroughly.
  • After final rinse leave the vehicle wet.
  • Apply Spray & Seal panel at a time and rinse the panel and the surrounding areas.
  • After applying it on the entire vehicle blow dry or use a drying towel.


  • Don’t apply in direct sunlight.
  • Be cautious of applying in windy conditions as you may be chasing overspray.
  • Don’t apply directly on windshields.

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