Decon: Clay

Claying the vehicle’s painted surfaces is traditionally used to remove embedded and bonded contamination. Traditional clay and Synthetic clay are two types of clay used. To test if the surface needs claying use a “baddy test”. A “baggy test” is done by taking a ziplock type plastic bag and placing your hand inside it, then on a clean dry surface glide the bag on the surface and feeling the contamination on your fingertips through the bag. If you feel the contamination on the surface it needs claying.

The reasons to remove contamination using clay :

  1. Increase smoothness and shine of your paint.
  2. Increase the life of wax, sealant or ceramic coating as contamination interferes with their bonding.
  3. To prevent damage to your paint as the contamination, if not removed, will erode the paint.

Claying does not remove paint defects such as swirls/light scratches, deep scratches, etching from bug guts and bird droppings and clear coat failure.

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